Patriata also known as New Murree is a mountain place in north Punjab, Pakistan. Patriata is located in Murree which is a community of Rawalpindi Region. It is the maximum factor in the community and the hills stand 9,000 feet above sea stage. The mountain place is a vacationer location as the climate here is much chilly than further south. There is a seat raise and wire car program for transport to the maximum factor. The region is intensely wooded and there are many apes and leopards in the community. New Murree is about 15 distances away from main Murree hills on the Lower Topa part. It is a well-developed mountain place with excellent high rised plants, beautiful hills. This is famous due to seat raise, which worth a drive.

A outstanding seat raise & wire car program brings you from New Murree to Patriata. Total drive is about 7 km long. New Murree is on walk out between the hills. then a seat raise drive brings you to a center mountain. You can observe Kashmir hills from center Hill where Chair Lift brings you. You may stay here for a while & enjoy Tea/Coffee or just move around. From there Cable car brings you to Patriata Hill. where you have much stuff to do. Stroll easily everywhere. Just enter the direction where most of the visitors are going. Straight road brings you to the maximum factor of the mountain. Where landscape is spectacular. On one hand you can observe Murree Hills & on the opposite part snowfall 

 People Living in Patriata: 

The majority of people reside either in Muree or nearby settlements. They primarily come from the Abbasis, Satti, Danial, Dhund, and Catwalk tribes. These tribes are natives of this place. They have been residing here for centuries. Most people seen in Patriata New Murree are tourists or individuals associated with the tourism industry. Most permanently residing in this area are farmers who make their living from agriculture and cattle farming. 


Patriata was once Murree’s backward and most deserted town, but many locals gained jobs and other sources of income due to the chairlift. The Punjab government built the lift and cable car system in 1990 with technical assistance from an Austrian firm. The name “Murree” means “high place” and it stands at 7,517 feet above sea level in the Pir Panjal range. It was founded in the 18th century by the British and served as the summer headquarters of the British Raj in the Punjab Province until 1864. 

Patriata Chairlift Location 

The lift is situated about 15 kilometers from the town of Murree, running from Ghulehrra Gali to Patriata Top, which is located at an elevation of roughly 7,500 feet above sea level in Himalayan feet at 33 54′ 30′′ north latitude and 73 26′′ east longitude.