Punjab government takes big step to provide tourist facilities in Murree

Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has approved a comprehensive development plan for Murree which includes a number of projects. The chief minister presided over a special meeting on ‘Murree’s problems, needs and development projects’ held Monday here in Murree. The meeting was co-chaired by Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, leader Pakistan Muslim League (N). A detailed briefing was given during the meeting highlighting prevailing issues, needs of […]

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Inclusive Design and Accessibility at Murree Oaks

At Murree Oaks, inclusive design and accessibility are highly valued to ensure all guests can fully enjoy the beauty and amenities of this stunning destination Inclusivity at Murree Oak In terms of inclusivity, Murree Oaks strives to accommodate guests of various backgrounds, cultures, and abilities. The staff members undergo training to promote cultural sensitivity and […]

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Turn the key Enter, Smile, And Craft Memorable Moments 

You can now turn the key enter, smile, and craft memorable moments. Apartments are not just a place to live they are your home, your happy place, your place to relax. Everyone wants to have an apartment that gives comfort and peace after a hectic day. Murree Oaks Terraces provides a quiet and lovely atmosphere […]

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6 Ideas For A Contemporary but Timeless Feel

For a Timeless Feel Murree Oaks has an innovative design principle. It prioritizes sleek silhouettes, practical layouts, and natural materials. Our apartments feature a blend of wood and leather accents and organic shapes. With earthly hues, we create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for our residents.  Create Your Neon Sign, Personalize , Add new colors to […]

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Building Sustainable Communities for Future Generations 

We are not just building homes; we are crafting a vision of sustainability for future generations. Its a journey to explore the essence of eco-friendly living. With Murree Oaks Terraces Apartments discover we create a  greener, more sustainable community for  tomorrow. A remarkable transformation is underway. Eco-Conscious Design: Crafting Homes with Nature in Mind In […]

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Limitless Style Where Luxury Meets New Heights

In the era of luxury and hospitality, the art of elevating the guest experience to new heights requires more than just at Murree Oaks. It demands a commitment to excellence, a passion for perfection, and a dedication, efforts to make life . At Murree Oaks, elevating hospitality isn’t just our purpose. It’s the very essence […]

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Building A Community Beyond Walls with Murree Oaks

Building a community extends far beyond the mere construction of physical spaces. It’s about creating a sense of belonging, a network of support, and a shared identity among individuals. In the digital age, the concept of community has transcended physical boundaries, allowing us to connect with like-minded people across the globe. This blog explores the […]

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Digital Connectivity And Smart Living in Murree Oaks

Digital connectivity and smart living are transforming the way we live in apartments. Murree Oaks offers unprecedented convenience, efficiency, and comfort. This evolution is not just about having internet access; it’s about integrating technology into every aspect of home living. It  creates an environments that are more responsive, sustainable, and designed for individual needs. Internet […]

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Fairy Tale Inspired Bedroom Murree Oaks

In a fast chaotic world finding moments of joy and wonder are rare. Murree Oaks has fairy tale Inspired bedroom. The journey into your fairy tale begins the moment you open the door. Consider a welcome interior with a quote on the wall from your favourite fairy tale to greet you and your guests. An […]

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